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Merchandising is a very useful strategy to improve the corporate image of a company and increase its brand reputation. And it is that people always like to be given a gift and even more so if it is a useful gift that they will be able to use in their day to day.

Promotional merchandising has had and is well received by consumers throughout history. The most veteran players will surely hear Cola Cao's turbo-cao or Nivea's beach balls. Nowadays, the promotional backpacks that many gym chains give away or the corporate pen drives work very well.

At Grupo Heliópolis, specialists in promotional merchandising, we can provide any company with its own merchandising object to give to its customers.

As we believe in the importance of merchandising to improve the branding of companies, we explain below the most important suggestions to be able to promote your company's brand effectively.

Ways to improve brand reputation with promotional merchandising


The merchandising that takes place at fairs, congresses and events of all kinds is one of the ones that works best to increase the brand image of a company. When potential customers come to your stand, you must have quality merchandising that allows them to convey a good image.


They say that “the first impression is what counts” and on many occasions the phrase has been proven to work. For this reason, it is convenient to take care of all the details in work meetings with new clients. That in the meeting room there are pens and corporate stationery, personalized business cards and even a simple welcome gift to the company. In businesses that provide technical service, the uniform of the employees is key to increasing the reputation of the brand.


After achieving the main objective of closing a sale with a customer, the next step is to get them to trust the company again for future assignments. A great way to reward customer trust with us and return the favor they have done is to deliver a promotional merchandise item.

In this article, you have been able to discover different ways to increase the prestige of your company with promotional merchandising.

At Grupo Heliopolis we offer merchandising products to help you improve the branding of your organization.

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