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What to do so that our brand is present? The marketing strategy that succeeds with successful branding manages not only to consolidate us as a brand but also to differentiate them from the others. A good online campaign or with a communication presence in different media such as radio, press or television can undoubtedly have a very favorable impact, but its cost will be high. The promotional gift or merchandising achieves very satisfactory and lasting results at affordable prices. But not everything goes.

It is important to define what will be the promotional gift that manages to achieve our objectives, that is, to consolidate and differentiate our brand. In the first place, it will be necessary to think of an object that is useful, the greater the utility, the more present it will be on a daily basis and will give greater visibility to the brand to be promoted. On the other hand, it has to be a quality product; a defective or fragile gift will be associated with an unreliable brand. Finally, it must be, in some way, related to the product or service that we want to make known. Sometimes the logo already achieves this effect, but on other occasions we will have to think a little more, we will have to choose that product that is different, that manages to distinguish the brand.

The most common promotional gifts, those that are always present, consolidate the brand idea through their usual image due to repetitive and frequent use on a daily basis. They are what we could call a standard promotional gift: pens, lighters, mugs, key rings, note pads, USB ... and of course, hats, t-shirts and clothing in general. They are not original and are very popular, but they fulfill the mission of being there, reminding us at all times of the repetitive presence of the brand. They consolidate, they are the background loudspeaker that reminds us of their existence at all times.

Other types of promotional objects seek to differentiate, highlight a brand for some particularity, make it visible for its originality. They are creative promotional gifts, given to surprise, to make an impact at a specific moment. They may not have as much presence of use, but they will always bring interest for some remarkable quality.

Finally, we can talk about personalized promotional gifts, those that are aimed at someone in particular. They have been created thinking about the recipient, what he needs, what object or service will be useful at a specific moment and considering his personality or activity. They are the products "designed for you".

The good decision is one that knows how to combine one or another type of gift for each occasion or client: the reminder, the surprise or the personal appeal. Sometimes one will be better and sometimes another, although generally the mixture of all of them covers the different needs according to the circumstances.

At Grupo Heliopolis we offer our client the gadget that best suits their brand and their objectives. Always looking to find the perfect combination so that the promotional gift becomes an object of desire for customers. Thus the brand remains very present and dynamic and merchandising is effective to build loyalty.

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