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Are you looking for exclusive quality gifts among the top brands or are you looking for merchandising from your favorite movies or series to link your brand? At Grupo Heliopolis we have a section specialized in licensed corporate and advertising gifts. We make your ideas come true.

Grupo Heliopolis is a leader in the distribution of promotional gifts and merchandising items, as well as licenses and exclusive brands. Our almost 20 years of experience overwhelm us.

Therefore, to maintain the level of commitment acquired with our clients, we reach agreements with prestigious international companies for the manufacture and distribution of promotional gifts and quality material with their first-line brands, knowing in advance that they will have a significant impact on the market for being easily identifiable and excellently positioned.

We work with top brand licenses.

Some categories: Baby & Infant: Gorjuss, Star Wars, Justice League, Dragon Ball… Adult: Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Star War, Harry Potter, Aerosmith, David Bowie, Scorpions, Kiss Call of Duty, Justice League, Suicide Squad, Dragon Ball, Betty Boop ...

Since 2002, we are dedicated to providing merchandising appropriate to the requirements of each client based on their objectives. We offer a wide range of possibilities for leading brands in highly varied, select and imaginative fields, as well as recognized prestige. Linking to a brand identified with success guarantees the prestige and visibility of the promotional campaign. Its acceptance and recognition in the market serves to convey a message of solvency and quality.

In our section of brand promotional gifts, we have products from top brands licensed from the most current to the classics of all time. The quality and efficiency of our work is our business card, therefore, we collaborate with the most prestigious brands and work with high-quality materials, following a rigorous traceability control, to guarantee the success of our clients' campaigns. We stay in close contact with them and keep up to date with their innovations and trends. Thus, we select the most selective and current promotional gift of the moment to satisfy the needs of our clients in exclusive products with their appropriate license.

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At Grupo Heliopolis we have been working for 20 years with the best known and most influential brands in the market and with suppliers experienced in their manufacture. As an example, we can offer: Antonio Miro, Balenciaga, Hugo Boss, koziol, Hello kitty, Samsung, Sony, Adidas, Nike … and also licenses for specialized brands, very prominent in their own market area, such as series and movies TV: Disney, gammers, play station, etc.

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At Grupo Heliopolis you will find advertising gifts in stock or imported and, in addition, the most complete range of promotional gifts from the leading brands on the market.

Contact us and we will inform you about our brands and licenses.

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