We produce 100% flame retardant Black Out fabric for drapery used mainly in the hotel industry. It is a functional and decorative element.

What is?

Black Out fabric is a fabric that is used mainly to neutralize the passage of light in a room. It is especially indicated to provide total darkness when necessary. In addition, it is antipyremic, filters the sun's rays and attenuates the outside temperature. It also has qualities as a noise insulator so it is used to separate both visual and acoustic environments.

Its use is recommended in hotels, projection rooms, development rooms ... and in general whenever you want to avoid the entry of light into a room.

  • Description: Black Out fabric made of linen, polyester, vinyl or silk.
  • Characteristics: In addition to completely filtering the light, it serves as a thermal and acoustic insulator. They can be machine washed and are reversible, they do not have a right or a reverse, both sides are the same and have the same excellent technical characteristics.
  • Color & Measurement: We have a wide range of basic colors and the ability to produce in different coil widths. Colors can also be manufactured at the customer's request.


Ventajas que ofrece la Tela Black Out:

In addition to the aforementioned, the Black Out fabric that we produce has fire-retardant properties, since its fabric is flexible, resistant and specially made to retard the spread of fire. Complies with EN13773: 2003 standard.

Vinyl Black Out fabrics have two vinyl outer layers, pvc, a fiberglass mesh base and an intermediate darkening film. They are very suitable for setting spaces that need total privacy and darkness.

When Black Out curtains are made of polyester, they are made of an opaque acrylic coating on one side that protects from ultraviolet rays.

If the Black Out fabrics are made of silk or linen, without any plastic component, they are equally insulating, but softer to the touch. However, they require more maintenance and care.


Wide range of colors:

We supply designs in a wide variety of very modern and decorative colors. The most common and popular are beige, white and light gray, but we also offer more cheerful colors that allow you to play with the other elements of the space in which they are installed, and thus achieve a pleasant and harmonious visual effect.


Grupo Heliópolis as a supplier of Black Out fabrics has strict safety regulations in its manufacture. We comply with the standard EN13773: 2003 specific certification of Black Out fireproof because they are subjected to fire tests.

Grupo Heliópolis has been managing the purchase of Black Out fabrics in linen, polyester or vinyl for years with different manufacturers in China.

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