At Grupo Heliópolis we know that protecting the planet depends on everyone and we strive to work with a sustainable approach. We look for environmentally friendly production methods that comply with our philosophy of reduce-reuse-recycle. Our suppliers manufacture in a responsible and ethical manner, complying with current regulatory standards and requirements.

If any of the products offered are not strictly sustainable, we always present a more sustainable alternative. We have extensive ecological collections of products made from bamboo, wheat fiber, ceramics, recycled glass, cork, reused cotton, chipboard.

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In promotional products that incorporate a logo, we also propose the option that seems to us to be the most respectful of the environment, beyond the conventional plastic gift. We try to satisfy our client, while favouring the planet by complying with our ECO-friendly philosophy.

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Reduce: we select products manufactured with a mixture of natural fibers and plastics with the purpose of reducing the total amount of plastic used, thus facilitating recycling and reducing potential pollution of the planet.

Reuse: one of our goals when creating a promotional gift is that it has a long life, that the customer reuses the item for a long time. We avoid single-use plastics such as cups, plates, cutlery... Reusable utensils promote this sustainability objective, as well as providing a good image for the brand; also cotton or jute bags instead of plastic bags.

Recycle: We have a wide range of products that can be recycled after use. We also have products made from recycled paper, recycled glass, recycled umbrellas and PET bags, including pens made from recycled bottles.

We are constantly developing new products; sustainability and respect for the environment are a priority. Our ECO-friendly project is progressing and striving to research into production processes and non-polluting materials. We act to protect the planet. We actively participate in different areas: LED, eco, nature bamboo collection, recyclable / biodegradable products... Always proposed, and in any case as an alternative recommended as a priority, to our customers.


We were one of the first to import LED lighting into the Spanish market. Since we discovered the benefits that this technology brings to the planet we collaborate offering only this type of lighting.

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The benefits of this light are many. The most important are those related to environmental care, as it is recognized as the ecological lighting. It is a light that reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80%, its electricity consumption is 30% compared to traditional lighting, it has no infrared or UV radiation (it imitates natural light), it is more energy efficient - energy saving, longer life and avoids the damage that conventional lighting produces to small insects and other animals.


Aloe Vera seed

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