We have an extensive catalogue of products adapted to the latest market developments. We can customize them by adding your logo or the message you want to convey. We have national and international suppliers and we have large volumes in stock of immediate availability. We offer a fast and agile service to cover the needs of customers who cannot wait the time it takes to make an import. It will be a gift that will reach everyone.


There are many customers who seek to associate their brand with a well-known and well positioned in the market, for this, we contact national or international firms of recognized prestige that offer us their products to which we incorporate the logo or message of our customers. Tell us which brand you want to associate with and we will contact you and obtain important discounts. It will be a prestigious gift.
This type of campaign achieves a great impact because the perceived value is very high.


Manufacture and import of large volumes of merchandising but we also design and/or manufacture a unique product according to your image and values. If you have an idea, a design in mind, a pantone color or a specific message to transmit, we listen to you to make it real, we produce the advertising item that fulfills your purpose.

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